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Re-marriage eCounseling
1. What is Re-marriage eCounseling?
2. How does Re-marriage eCounseling work?
3. What are the advantages and limitations of Re-marriage eCounseling?
4. When is Online Re-marriage eCounseling not recommended?
I read the FAQ's, but still cannot find the answer to my questions.
In this case, please write to Customer Support, about your question/problem and our support team will respond to you within 24 hours.
Re-marriage eCounseling
Note: This feature is only available to VIP members.
1. What is Re-marriage eCounseling?
Re-marriage eCounseling is an online counseling service with a panel of experts who will provide valuable advice on a wide range of relevant subjects from premarital counseling for singles entering their first marriage or a remarriage, emotional disorders, step-parenting problems to communication problems etc.

Re-marriage eCounseling is strictly confidential, private, Free and convenient to all VIP members of Re-marriage.com.
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2. How does Re-marriage eCounseling work?
Re-marriage eCounseling works because you'll find that you are able to quickly get to the heart of your concerns using the Live Chat by talking to our experts or by filling up an online form.

The responses to you will contain suggestions and recommendations to help you clarify, resolve or improve the situation you present. We will always provide follow-up clarification and explanations if needed. As we work this way you will find online Re-marriage eCounseling extremely helpful in identifying and clarifying what is going on and how to move ahead in life.
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3. What are the advantages and limitations of Re-marriage eCounseling?
Online counselling has both advantages and limitations. Distance may prevent people from being able to access a counsellor in person. Busy and hectic lifestyles may make it difficult to schedule and keep appointments, or perhaps you would like to see how counselling works before seeing a counselor in person.

A limitation of online counseling is the absence of a face-to-face relationship, where cues such as body language and facial expressions can be seen and tone of voice heard. Online counselling is a rather new method of providing counselling and if you are uncertain, We encourage you to attend face-to-face counselling.

Online counselling is not psychotherapy. It is important to note that online counselling cannot replace face to face counselling nor is it intended to do so. Online counselling is not a substitute for traditional face-to-face counselling, but rather provides a general supportive approach. The Internet is an exciting medium, and has its place within modern society but it has its limitations.

Also, there are issues that are not suitable for online counselling and issues that cannot be resolved without an ongoing working therapeutic relationship. Online counselling does not offer quick fixes and is not suitable for everyone. However, if you are comfortable with communicating via the internet and e-mail, then online counseling may be a good place to begin exploring your issues.
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4. When is Online Re-marriage eCounseling not recommended?
Online eCounseling is not appropriate:

If you suffer from a serious mental disturbance, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or other mental/emotional issues that might require intervention by local law enforcement, intensive care, or psychiatric hospitalization, then Online Re-marriage eCounseling is not appropriate for you. Please seek professional help elsewhere immediately.

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