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Correspondence Contact Details
Step 3 - Correspondence Contact Details :
Get more responses by displaying your phone number!
Get contacted and connected by prospective life partners.
Choose to display your correspondence contact details to paid members and receive calls from those interested in your profile.
Re-marriage.com displays only verified phone numbers to ensure that all its members get genuine response and contacts.
Benefits of adding a Phone number:

Increase Responses

Receive direct contacts from Paid Members
Let others know 'Whom to contact' and 'The Convenient time to reach'
Just follow these simple steps:

Enter your contact number and other details

Mention name & time of contact
Choose to display these details
Add your contact number
* Contact Number Please enter your Telephone or Mobile number and select display option:
Telephone Mobile
Country Code Area Code Phone Number Mobile Number

Important: Enter your correct contact numbers it will be verified. Number should belong to person who will handle matrimonial inquiries. You will receive service messages from Re-marriage.com on this contact number.

Mention name & time of contact
Please specify the name of the person & convenient time to call the person.
* Relationship with the member
* Name of Contact Person
* Convenient Time to Call Between and
Choose to display your correspondence contact details
* Contact display option
Yes, I would like to display the correspondence contact details only to my accepted members, and the members I express interest in (only paid members can view your contact details)
No, I do not wish to display the correspondence contact details to other members

The term "Member" as mentioned refers to a Re-marriage.com member. With respect to the correspondence contact details you submit or make available for inclusion on publicly accessible areas of the Re-marriage.com Site you hereby grant to Re-marriage.com the license to use, distribute, reproduce and publicly display such correspondence contact details to members from time to time. You also hereby agree that Re-marriage.com is not responsible for the conduct of any User and/or Member of the Re-marriage.com Service whether online or offline, and that the display of the correspondence contact details are entirely your choice & decision.

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