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  Interests Expressed in Filtered Members
Below is the list of members whose filtered criteria you do not match and you expressed interest in them.
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Profile ID
Height Occupation Residing in Expressed Interest on
    21 , India 16 Jun 2018
debu     Hindu 41 5ft 5in Business Person West Bengal, India 30 Nov -0001
vanis     Hindu 52 5ft 2in Government
Andhra Pradesh, India 05 Apr 2016
deepa_chauhan     Hindu 26 5ft 3in Government
Rajasthan, India 05 Apr 2016
saisri     Hindu 28 5ft 4in IT / Telecom
Karnataka, India 05 Apr 2016
RINZZ     Hindu 31 5ft 5in Doctor Delhi, India 30 Nov -0001
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Re-marriage GUIDE
You have expressed interest in members whose filtered criteria you do not match. If any of the member listed above accepts you we will notify you immediately.
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  Members whose filtered criteria you do not match and you expressed interest in them
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  Members you expressed interest in and they accepted
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  Members you expressed interest in and they declined
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  Members you canceled interest with after being accepted
Contacting Members.
Do not initiate contact with any member without fully reading their profile and understand their partner expectation / preferences. If your partner preferences and the other member's partner preferences match, do initiate contact, do not wait to be contacted by others.
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